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Senggigi Beach Lombok

Senggigi Beach Lombok : Princes of the West Coast

Senggigi Beach Located on the western coast of Lombok is the small village and resort area of Senggigi. Tall coconut trees shadow two stunning bays and the white sand beach of Senggigi. The bays are ideal for swimming snorkeling and other popular water activities and its impressive hillsides provide a dramatic backdrop and breathtaking scenic road trips along the coast to the north.
Senggigi over the years has become the most popular tourist area of Lombok, presenting a diverse range of hotel accommodations, from deluxe four-star resort properties to simple home-stays. As well, restaurants, cafes, entertainment venues can all be found along the main Senggigi road and on certain areas along the beach.

Senggigi is the main tourist strip of Lombok, stretched out along nearly 10 kilometers of beachfront just to the north of the capital Mataram.
Senggigi can be broadly divided into three parts: northern Mangsit Beach, central Senggigi and the southern stretch near Batu Bolong, with headlands separating the three. Mangsit has quiet resorts and very little other development, while nightlife and other restaurants are concentrated in Senggigi and the Batu Bolong area.

That said, Lombok’s post-2000 misfortunes hit Senggigi hardest of all, with many developments halted and a few closed and barred up. Especially during the day the area resembles a ghost town, with many if not most shops closed, restaurants empty and hawkers and touts pestering the (few) passersby. Things are slowly starting to improve again, with a few new villas going up, but for time being the overall feeling is a little depressing and most visitors either stay in the manicured grounds of their resorts, or head directly onward to the Gili Islands.

Additional Information:
Get in

Senggigi is about 15-20 minutes north of Mataram and its airport. Taxis charge around Rp 30,000 for the trip, while bemos will cover the distance for under Rp 5,000.

Get around
Taxis are common and even the ones waiting around for customers are usually happy to use the meter. Bemos also zip through Senggigi on their way north and south and are happy to pick up passengers; pricing is a little random, but a couple of thousand rupiah will suffice for most trips.

Pura Batu Bolong, 2 km south of Senggigi. Small Hindu temple located in a scenic spot at a cape overlooking Senggigi beach, named after a rock (batu) with a hole (bolong). At the tip is an empty chair representing Brahma, the god of creation. Free entry, but you’ll have to loan a sash (Rp5,000 a throw) from one of the urchins if you don’t have one already. Sunsets seen from here can be very impressive.

Senggigi Beach. A spit of sand stretching out from central Senggigi, this is Senggigi’s raison d’etre but, by Indonesian standards, it’s all that spectacular. The beach is clean and pleasant to swim,  Some local surfers brave the smallish waves at Senggigi Reefs..

Senggigi Abadi Supermarket.
Senggigi Jaya Supermarket
Blue Market at Senggigi Plaza

There are plenty of eating options in Senggigi.
Bale Tajuk, Jl. Senggigi Raya. Small but popular eatery offering a range of local and Western dishes, including a fairly decent Lombok-style ayam taliwang (Rp20,000).

Other Restaurants we should recommend you is:
Taman Restaurant
Bumbu Restaurant
Matahari Restaurant
Yessy Restaurant
Asmara Restaurant
De Quake Restaurant at Art Market
The Office Restaurant at Art Market
Sea Star Restaurant at Art Market
Gara Gara Restaurant at Senggigi Plaza
Cak Nur Warung
Mario Restaurant

Ye Jeon, Senggigi Square 2F. Surprisingly authentic Korean restaurant, especially given that it’s probably the only one in all Lombok. Single dishes are reasonable (try the bibimbap, Rp35,000) but sets with a full spread of banchan appetizers are pricier at Rp80,000 and up, with 21% service/tax slapped on top.

Senggigi’s nightlife suffers from far more supply than demand, with punters thinly spread and bars desperate for custom.

List of Bar and Night Clubs in Senggigi Area
Happy Cafe
Papaya Cafe
Tropicana Cafe
Out Back Cafe
Marina Cafe
The Square Cafe
Sahara Cafe
Berry’s Cafe

Internet Cafes:
Millinium Internet Cafe
Javaline Internet Cafe
Super Star Internet Cafe
Planet Senggigi Internet Cafe