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Rinjani Trekking Management Board ( RTMB ) By Rinjani National Park

Rinjani Trekking Management Board ( RTMB ) By Rinjani National Park

The Concepts of the Rinjani Trek Management Board
The Rinjani Trek is managed by a unique partnership of National Park, tourism industry and the local community. Activities focus in the Community – run cooperatives at Rinjani Trek Centre ( RTC ) in Senaru and the Rinjani Information Centre ( RIC ) in Sembalun Lawang. Under the guidance of the Rinjani Trek Management Board ( RTMB ), each are run by a stakeholders’ committee who look after roster systems for guides and porters, village tours, trek trail maintenance, and handicraft sales. Revenue from tourism activities and entry fees is used for conservation, training and management of the Rinjani Trek, thus ensuring sustainability.

Conceptually, the project started with three stakeholder circles labeled “Park Management”, “Community Development” and “Tourism”. Whit Project assistance, the Park set out to engage with the stakeholder groups in each of the circles, independently at first and then, as the groups got used to deal with each other, increasingly together. This approach recognized that it takes time for the multi-skilled “cross-over” people that ecotourism requires (people who can operate in between the circles) to emerge.

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In 2004, the Rinjani Trek achieved international recognition when it won the World Legacy Award for Destination Stewardship.

Also in 2004, the Rinjani Trek received an Award for innovative Tourism from the Minister of Tourism & Culture.

In 2005, Rinjani Trek selected as a finalist in the British Airways, Tourism for Tomorrow Award from WTTC for Destination Award.

In 2008, again Rinjani Trek selected as a finalist for the same category,  Destination Award in the British Airways, Tourism for Tomorrow Award from WTTC.

Assisting to develop effective partnerships in ecotourism and resource management.

Contributing to poverty alleviation and the economy of North Lombok.

The Gunung Rinjani National Park covers an area of 41,330 ha on the northern part of Lombok. It is the second highest volcanic peak outside of West Papua; the peak of Gunung RInjani (3,726m) dominates the landscape.

It is surrounded by a further 66,000 ha of Protected Forest and covers the three administrative district of West, East and Central Lombok. The park ecosystem is the transitional zone between Asia and Australia (Walaceae zone). Average rainfall is about 3,000 mm annually.

Gunung Rinjani is rich with a variety of flora, fauna and vegetation. On the south western side of the mountain is the most eastern extent of primary rainforest and drier climate in the east, and savannah in the north east. Notable flora includes the everlasting edelweiss flower (Anaphalis viscid), tiger orchid (vanda sp.), alang – alang grass (Imperata cylindrical), cemara trees (Casuarina trifolia and Casuarina ocidentale)

For the people of Lombok, Sasak and Balinese alike, the volcano is referred as a sacred place and adobe of deities. Its crater-lake is the offerings in the water and bathes away ailments in the hot springs.

The RTMB (Rinjani Trek Management Board) was established after three years consultation with the member of the Gunung Rinjani stakeholders. It is a consultation and coordination forum for ecotourism management in Gunung Rinjani based on participatory principle and integration between government, community and the tourism industry. Under the authority of the Governor of Nusa Tenggara Barat, it embodies the unique partnership of the National Park, tourism industry, non-government organizations, and local communities that have been forged to sustainable manage and protect the Rinjani mountain environment.

The Vision
Establishing credible partnership in increasing trekking activity based on ecotourism principles in Mount Rinjani in order to improve local economy and self-esteem.

The Mission
1. To develop an accountable, transparent, effective and efficient Rinjani Trek Management Board that publicly legitimate as National Park partner

2. To establish Rinjani’s Trekking as an ecotourism icon in West Nusa Tenggara and a world class climbing destination, which is community based and environmentally sound

3. To develop Rinjani’s image through culture value implementation and local wisdom

The Objectives
1. Improving Park management through training, management techniques, and improved infrastructure;

2. Fostering community development on Park boundaries, bringing about benefits to rural women and men, in recognition of the link between national conservation and local development goals; and

3. Development responsible and sustainable Park tourism by encouraging ecotourism based on trekking and Sasak culture

* Training 49 trek guides and 140 porters from village communities;

* Issuing 49 guide licenses and 140 National Park Warrants to engage locals with the wider Indonesia tourism industry and improve security;

* Establishing a cooperative as a licensed Indonesia travel agency with 15 local trek organizers, thus regularizing community-based trek operations;

* Introducing a range of eight guided village tour products and one round Rinjani drive to involve more local people in tourism benefits;

* Arranging training for seven small business groups to stimulate local people to produce food, handicrafts, screen printed tee-shirts and weaving;

* Providing credit to about 80 small traders, mostly women;

* Establishing the Rinjani Trek Centre in Senaru and Rinjani Information Centre in Sembalun Lawang as the basis for trek organization on each side of the mountain, each operating as a community-based cooperative.

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